Category/Tags/Author Pages Are Not Generated

Okay, so I have a premium license for this plugin with the same email I created this account. I don’t know where my other posts have gone… anyways.

This plugin is now causing a lot of problems for me from an SEO standpoint. It’s not generating category pages, tag pages, author pages (never generated sitemap), and don’t know why it never refreshes homepage after new content is published.

Why even after registering so many complaints there has been no update since 2020-APR-20?

If you cannot provide an update, at least provide snippets so I can fix them manually. Share custom crawling snippets so these pages can be generated.


I have waited a month now. If I don’t get a reply from the developer I will file chargeback from my cc.

Hi @iloveoss,

Sorry to let this one slip through unanswered! I’ll refund you now, regardless, but let’s still try to solve your problem.

Do you get better results if you try the Static HTML Output plugin?

@iloveoss - have refunded that now, it should be back in your account soon.

For the WP2Static plugin, I aim to get some new installers posted on the homepage soon.