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Simply Static being updated!

Great news for the WP SSG niche, Simply Static on, which had been a solid SSG, but abandoned for a while, is now being taken over and re-energized by Patrick Posner.

Sometime last year, I made a fork of it, SimplerStatic, modernizing the codebase a bit, with plans to keep it alive amongst my other SSG offerings. For now, I’ll try to keep my fork functional and updated to work with latest WP and PHP versions and include it in Lokl, along with a bunch of other static site optimized tools.

Patrick’s put out a Simply Static Roadmap, which will apply the same code quality improvements as SimplerStatic, but go far beyond that, too.

As I’m busy with Lokl, WP2Static and Static HTML Output projects already, I can probably back off on doing much to Simpler Static as Patrick’s Simply Static continues to improve, leaving no distinct advantage to use Simpler Static. We’ll see how that pans out. There’s no need for me to kill the GitHub project or reject any pull requests or such. Simpler Static may still offer some advantages in the future, like being available on Packagist or having no tracking/upsell/freemium attributes.

Simpler Static is one of my least worked on projects for a while and I’ve got oodles of work to do, like getting more add-ons released for WP2Static.

Choosing what not to do is often important to remain productive.

If I ever get bored with only 2 WP SSGs, Lokl, my Accessible Minimalism Hugo theme and general playing of the game of life, I can take another look at Appish, which still works pretty well as an alternative, platform-independent static site generator. Oh yes, and I need to produce a bunch of tutorial videos on all of these things so that people actually know about them and are convinced of their value :smiley:

Anyway, say hi to Patrick, keep an eye on Simply Static, which has a new GitHub Repo here.

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