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Hi there!

I’m using an old version of static-html-output-plugin and it stopped working after some needed upgrades. I am completely unfamiliar on how to deploy anything from any type of repo.

If I pay the $100 (WP2Static: WordPress Static Site Generator | Download) can I just easily upload this to my plugins folder? and will it work in php 7? I’m pushing to an S3 bucket.

Thank you!

I’m not familiar with that plugin, but the intent of the project is for these tools to be easy enough for anyone to use. It certainly gives the easy option for plugin installation with a file to directly install to WordPress. Usually these sorts of plugins and add-ons will include an automated tool for uploading directly to external services, so you should be able to enter your S3 credentials into the plugin using the add-on.

It may matter which version of WordPress you have installed and it may matter which version of PHP you have installed.

The page states refunds are possible within 14 days of purchase, so even if it doesn’t work, you should be able to get a refund.

Thank you for the Response.
It’s still not clear to me the following answers I need:

  • Is the Paid version for WP2Static Plug & Play friendly (Upload to Plugins Folder, and Activate via WP-Admin)
  • No Deployment or Build needed through terminal commands and other software
  • Works with PhP 7 or does the server need to be on a higher version of PHP?

I can’t rely on “Usually”, “May” and other unsure responses. I’m trying to avoid uncertainty and possible requests for a refund. I am asking on here because these questions are not clear on the Download page.

Thanks for understanding.

Hi @NynAcm, there’s unfortunately no way for me to guarantee things to work on anyone’s combination of WP, plugins, themes, server, etc.

I can recommend you to try Strattic, StaticWeb, Shifter, etc, for free trials and a bit more onboarding support.

Else, happy to do refund if you try out WP2Static and you don’t like it.



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Thank you Leon, I have a version of WP2Static that’s old as well, and that worked before.
As long as I can just add to the Plugin Folder and Activate, I think the rest should work just find.

Is Static HTML Output no longer supported?

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Hi @NynAcm,

Sorry for slow reply.

Yep, just upload and activate. Static HTML Output’s latest version also included.

Re previous question, PHP 7.4 should be the minimum you use. PHP 8 is fine for WP2Static but not yet Static HTML Output.

I’m planning to bring in any of Static HTML Output’s benefits to WP2Static, so I can retire Static HTML Output project, but will keep them separate as long as there’s a difference in functionality.

And re builds, it’s not a requirement to do anything via CLI, but both offer some programmatic functions, WP2Static moreso.

Simply Static has got a new maintainer, @patrickposner, too.

Thank you so much for answering all of that!! Amazing!

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I need some help, I was not able to make the purchase here:

PayPal and Normal CC just hangs. May I get some help on this please?

Hi @NynAcm,

Sorry for the troubles, please download latest official releases here: WP2Static | Thanks for supporting!

Thank you!

Is the Core the one I would need to put in the Plugins Folder in the Wordpress Directories? Or is there another step I would need to compile?


You’re welcome!

Yes, just the core and maybe Zip addons to start with. Then choose to add Netlify or S3 later