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Static websites play a big part in the emerging decentralized/distributed (let’s use dWeb from now on), due to the nature of how these sites are hosted.

Static sites alone were already a great way to host websites prone to attack by authoritarian regimes, where dynamic servers just expose too many vulnerabilities and are easier to take down with DDoS. Recent increased adoption of DNS over HTTPs (DoH) or the preferred DNS over HTTPS (DoT) helped a bit with ISPs/government restrictions blocking requests, but aren’t able to ensure connectivity for simple end users, without running VPNs, which can be questionable themselves.

Years ago, I had requests from users to support deploying to Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) sites. I was a bit more knowledgable on crypto stuff back then, but my knowledge has definitely slipped.

IPFS hasn’t achieved mainstream, easy access yet, nor have any of the emerging technologies, but that’s to be expected. We don’t see big technological changes adopted overnight, especially when there’s so much commercial interest not to let it happen.

My buddy, @michelini, has lately been doing some cool stuff with Sky Include, building sites atop the Handshake and Sia protocols and helping people understand and use them.

My ideologies align with accessible, decentralised/distributed systems, so a good time to learn more about it and ensure my projects help users build sites and adopt this disruptive technology!

Feel free to post anything related in here, ask questions or such.

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thanks Leon!

Yes, Handshake is really taking a lot of my attention lately - it will be 1 year old on Feb 3 and can feel it starting to get noticed more.

Handshake is basically “domains on the blockchain” (and no domain renewal fees!)
plus it is a TLD!

and then - there is the hosting / building - which is what Ii’m really trying to bridge

Big fan and supporter of Leon and WP2Static and feel this is the perfect combination - build the site on staging and deploy to and connect to a Handshake site and be 95% decentralized on the domain and the hosting level (as both are on the blockchain)

So working on helping spread the word and also the Handshake (HNS) community learn how to build more and host more - with SkyInclude and WP2Static.

Interested to hear more people here studying the dWeb (web 3.0) - and break free of these large internet companies who own the internet and the gateway to it.

Cheers Leon, and keep doing amazing things - JAMstack and static is what is needed for the dWeb


  • curious about Handshake? Over the holidays I made 25 + videos and put them on - feedback and more video suggestions appreciated.