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Advanced Crawling Options error and slow crawling


Awesome plugin!

But since beginning I have slow crawling times on localhost.

And when trying to activate Advanced Crawling Options addon I got this error: plugins\wp2static-addon-advanced-crawling\wp2static-addon-advanced-crawling.php on line 27

I installed addon with WP Pusher plugin straight from Git.

I’m running localhost setup with xampp, mysql Apache/2.4.46, PHP version: 7.4.9

How can I sort these things out?


You have to run composer install from the wp2static-addon-advanced-crawling directory. Or you can install the zip file which has the dependencies included.

However, the options in that plugin are mostly about discovering files that might be missed otherwise. It might help with speed if swapping was an issue, but otherwise it probably won’t help. If you still have speed issues, if you can import the site to then we may be able to diagnose what’s causing the slowness. We have several reports of slow crawling, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem. Having an actual site to analyze would help immensely.