Anyone has a guide on install wp-static-search and make it to work with static site?

Hello all,
Anyone has a guide on installing wp-static-search and make it work with a static site?

Currently, I am only able to install it by github readme from the repo. but searching without results.
Assume, this part is not working for me,

"Redirection of the search widgets to this page is provided by the plugin using JavaScript, "

search page is created and shortcode in inserted, also ensured these are included

/wp-content/lunr-index/ /wp-content/plugins/wp-static-search/3rdparty-css-js/ /wp-content/plugins/wp-static-search/css/ /wp-content/plugins/wp-static-search/js/
but it is not working,

Can you please share a more detail guide on installing it and getting it to work? @paultraf