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Cloudflare Pages

Anyone got early access to Cloudflare Pages?

Just applied and pinged one of advocates on Twitter to try and speed up approval. Very excited to test it out, too!

Anyone as of yet? Looking at this and wondering.

Sorry, bit behind on things here. Hoping someone else jumps in and explores it first :smiley:

I have access! Ask me anything!

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Will it blend?

  |    (o)(0)   |
  |  o.(.--).o  |
  \  O` ) : `o  /
   | o.( _).O  |
    \O' `- 'o /
     |  >|<  |
 / o o o o o o o \ 

? wdym ? :smiley: :grinning:

Cloudflare Pages is now in open beta, as visible through the link in the first post of this thread.

I clicked the link while logged in and it took me directly to the “Create a project” page.

Important page to review: