Conflict between static-html-output and s3 uploads plugin

If I have the s3 uploads plugin and probably any automatic s3 storage plugin, I will define the variable S3_UPLOADS_BUCKET in wp-config.php.
This leads to the Static HTML Output plugin to think (from its export logs):
WP Uploads URL:
WP Uploads Path: s3://mybucket/wp-content/uploads
WP Uploads ??: s3://mybucket/wp-content/uploads
WP Site Path: /var/www/html/wordpress/

and then during the export process it tries and fails:
2023-09-07 16:03:05 Failed saving /archives/10010 to s3:/mybucket/wp-content/uploads/static-html-output/archives/10010/index.html
2023-09-07 16:03:05 Failed saving /archives/10023 to s3:/mybucket/wp-content/uploads/static-html-output/archives/10023/index.html

When I deactivate s3 uploads plugin, then Static HTML Output plugin logs show:
WP Uploads URL:
WP Uploads Path: /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads
WP Uploads ??: /wp-content/uploads
WP Site Path: /var/www/html/wordpress/

and the export works.

However, the media files that should be pointing to the s3 bucket now point to the httpp://* and cannot be rendered

thanks so much