CSE SERPs code is getting removed from source

This works fine
<div class="gcse-searchresults-only"></div>

This gets removed
<gcse:search enablehistory="false"></gcse:search>

Which plugin is this referring to?

If it’s invalid code (depends what you want your code to validate as), then suggest the workaround you used or one of these:

These GCSE requires JavaScript to work at all, right? So, adding some JS to workaround it if you really want to use those tags seems fine.

Ethical reasons should us from using any embedded Google crap anywhere, but I understand that’s not always an option :smiley:

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<gcse:search enablehistory="false"></gcse:search>

This one prevents search result URL being included with ugly hashtag craps what comes in alternative Div method. So I preferred it. Anyways, just wanted to inform. Will stick to div.

So, in that link I sent, should be able to use the JS workaround to create the gcse tag…