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Destination - sub-directory?

Thanks for this plugin, it looks decent.

Can I set the destination url so that the static site is served from a directory (eg

Thanks @toby1kenobi,

Re subdirs, there’s an open issue with discussion that can fill you in and maybe provide a workaround for now.

Ok, thanks. Serving the static site out of a sub-directory is a must for us (as in it’s a client requirement).

Any requirements on where to host it or a preference from your side?

If using any kind of proxying, you should be able to map to

Yes - we have had a few instances where clients see the benefit in hosting a piece of work on their primary (rather than a sub-) domain but want us to create something outside of whatever technology they’re using to provide their main website.

So something that can effectively be provided as a zip file, and unpacked to a sub-directory and just work with zero configuration is appealing.

Hope this helps!

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Got it!

Do ping me on that GitHub Issue if you don’t see activity on it.

In the meantime, you may try some of the Alternatives

Subdirectory is a popular choice of webmasters as it is a common belief that it passes links value of root domain.

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Indeed. This and bringing back FTP deploy option are biggest requests for Static HTML Output at the moment (oh, and merging that Windows support fix!)