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Didn't generate custom post type archive views

I have CPTs, and the archive pages aren;t getting generated; e.g. /whitepapers should show all the whitepaper CPTs, but there’s no index.html file in the /whitepapers directory. any ideas?

May be an issue with custom post type URL detection in the version you’re using.

To confirm, could you please try with Static HTML Output plugin (different URL detection mechanism underneath) and report back? I did a lot of work to get CPTs detecting properly there, but can’t say the same for WP2Static:

Thanks Leon, I tried it with that plugin and it worked–index.html files were generated in the CPT subdirectories.
Unfortunately, that plugin didn’t include the background images used in the site; anywhere I spec a background-image:url is missing the image. I assign background images using a custom field and call them inline with their element’s style attribute. WP2Static did capture and include the background images.

Hi @EmpireOfLight,

OK, so stuck between 2 half-working options!

I’d try as temporary workaround, to use the one that generates the CPTs and then manually copy over the missing images.

You may be lucky enough to take an export from both sites and merge-copy the output directories together. Messy, but potential workaround with least amount of time required.