Error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found

I’m getting this error when Destination is: Save for offline use, and all items on Diagnostics are green

It’s a simple one page website hosted locally.

Thanks, Richard

Hi @RichardU sounds like the Diagnostics screen is missing some checks - I’ll add an issue for that in GitHub.

The missing class is a library/extension for PHP that enables ZIP compression functions.

Without knowing your operating system/hosting provider, I can’t give a definite process for how you get that installed, but this is the official doc which explains the class:

And this StackOverflow question has a bunch of answers for particular environments:

Once you know your operating system/PHP version, etc, you can search for a more specific guide or circle back to me and I’ll have a look.



Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m running Turnkeylinux Wordpress, and was able to install php-zip. Works great. Thanks.

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I’m working on something similar to TurnKeyLinux, just for local WP dev environments you may keep on your radar: … more like PasteLineLinux :slight_smile:

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