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Error when running on a shared host

First of all thanks for the great work, happy to study this promising subject. Also nice to read about minimalist ideas. I sure hope I’ll help keep up the good work (and get a cold beer !).

Regarding the plugin, I tried to apply it to my site but ran into en error.
Sorry if I overlooked something, but this is what I get :

404 error code returned from server.
Please check your server's error logs or try increasing your max_execution_time limit in PHP if this consistently fails after the same duration.
More information of the error may be logged in your browser's console

Not a Console expert but I see this in Dev tools:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Currently on a shared server so I cannot change memory limits. Any hint ?

Hi @mondebot,

Thanks for the kind words!

Hmm, that max_execution_time message may be a red herring by me. If we’re getting 404 back (immediately after starting?), then it sounds more like an environmental issue causing that request to WordPress’s backend failing to resolve.

Do you by chance have some security plugin that changes the wp-admin URL? Plugin should still find it, but worth asking.

Can you let me know your WordPress site URL format, ie or etc?

When you access your WordPress site, does the URL appear as https or http at the start? And does that match the URL in your Settings > Site URL?

Hopefully that gives me some ideas, else if you can share as much info about your WordPress setup, where it’s hosted, etc, that will be great.



Thanks for the reply.

It takes some time to get that message, the scripts run for a while before that error popup.
I know of such plugins changing the backoffice URL but none installed on that site.
The site runs as most in the root folder, so at all in SSL as in the settings. It is hosted on a shared CPanel plan at a reputable host called O2Switch in France.

Diagnostics provided by WP2Static - all pass:

PHP max_execution_time	Unlimited
PHP memory_limit	512M
Uploads directory writable	Writable
PHP version	7.3.23 	
cURL extension loaded	Yes 	
WordPress Permalinks Defined	Yes 

I also have other diag infos in GravityForms if needed. Thanks.

Hmm, anything in WP2Static’s log, the server’s webserver or PHP logs?

Any security software, either in WordPress or at webserver/load balancer level?

If it’s not a server set timeout, it could be a rate trigger/security false positive being trigger, due to how many requests WP2Static makes while crawling.

Usually, for a server-error, we’d see an error code in the 5xx range, or for permissions issues, a 403… so the 404, not found, is throwing me off here.

You can also try a default WordPress site on the same host, no plugins and default theme, in order to help isolate where the problem is, ie if same server, different site, gives us an idea it’s site related. In same style, if you can clone the site to a different server and it runs fine, then we can isolate it to something on that server setup.

Sorry for no instant answer, but we should be able to eventually pinpoint the issue.