Failed during "Processing the crawled files", please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance

Im trying to use WP2Static to export my wordpress site to a static config. I haven’t even configured the site yet, so there isn’t a lot to export. When I try to export to a local directory it sends
“Failed during “Processing the crawled files”, please consult the Help tab for where to get assistance.”

I’m new to this tool, so if there is a place I can get more logs for information gathering that would be great. Also, for context I have not configured the crawling feature as I’m just testing with a basic site.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi Kirby,

Very sorry for no reply for so long, I was out of action for a few weeks.

This is a good reference to start with, it’s more for errors during crawling, but is likely a similar issue you’re encountering:

Please let me know any updates.