Failed to create name index on wpwh_wp2static_core_options

Hi, has anyone run into this error?
“Failed to create name index on wpwh_wp2static_core_options.”

As soon as I click run it generates an error dialog referencing max_execution_time but that is set to 30 minutes…

Thanks in advance…

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Hi @mcarter960,

This does seem to be affecting quite a few WP2Static users, though I haven’t seen it myself yet. Could you please share me some info about your hosting environment? There seems to be a MySQL/MariaDB requirement that I’m not aware of or checking for that needs to be addressed.

It’s trying to create a unique index, so it can fail if there are existing duplicate values. You can try dropping the table and reactivating the plugin.

If that’s the root problem, then we can check for duplicates in the plugin and try to resolve the issue automatically. We can keep whichever value is currently being used and discard the others.

Possible fix in