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Can you please bring Subdirectory deployment for BunnyCDN?

  • It would be helpful to me. In past 7 days, I tried proxying there but failed to achieve desired solution.

Also Win support would be nice thing to cover due to huge market share :wink:

Thanks a lot in advanced!

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Back on the Win support now (typing this from Windows, eww, haha!).

Subdir for bunny/any deployments not expected to be fixed as soon, but hopefully when I get onto it, it’s easier than I’m fearing it to be.

Meantime, what didn’t work with the proxying? Maybe can help with some other solutions if you describe the complete setup more.


I have a site at /gkstorage/ normally accessible over


I added …

I need serve over but it returns 404

Goal: Hosting /hi/ language in subdirectory

OK, that looks a bit confusing what’s trying to happen above there.

Let’s backtrack - why can’t you deploy whole site as usual on Bunny, including the WordPress other language content under /hi/?

Is the goal to host 2 WordPress sites on 1 Bunny hosted domain or just 1 any site + WordPress in subdirectory, all within Bunny?

I’ll put together an example once I’m fully understanding the expected output

Static HTML Output 6.6.21, also seen in alpha v7


I keep destination path /hi/ but index.html comes without it. That’s a problem. return 404

Yep, that’s known issue still - but I’m yet to totally understand why your use case isn’t working with just 1 WP site and multilingual via plugin like Polylang/WPML…

To be on the safest side, I want to keep seperate installation


I am trying to get rid of wpml because when it is active my dashboard takes 60 seconds to load, query monitor throw SQL error, I can’t add user. Somehow my site is destroyed. I am building again, I contacted support but didn’t felt satisfaction.

I would never ever recommend wpml again to anyone :pray:

I don’t want this problem again by relying on any multilingual plugin. No matter how promising it is today.

I don’t need hreflang or seo what promised by these plugin. All I need running WP Site at above structure - root for English and rest subdirectory for other languages.

Anytime this is fixed, it would be great :smiley:

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OK, thanks, I understand now.

Yeah, WPML has a lot of undesirable aspects. Polylang works OK for me, or for simple multilanguage sites, you can craft your own with a little custom code, but probably don’t want to go down that path.

If the site is expected to be large amount of content or it’s for a client, I’d recommend reconsidering Polylang, as once there’s a lot of content or other users need to manage the different translations, it will become very tedious.

But, I appreciate you wanting to keep the WP’s separate and we should be able to get that supported by plugin again in future.

I still think I can show some methods for you to proxy requests in meantime. Maybe not all within BunnyCDN, but I’ll try. I use CloudFront in AWS to do like this before for a client and worked fine, it looks like Bunny has enough functionality to also support, but I’ll need to test, maybe good time is when I test/fix the new Windows support for Bunny, then can create a few sites and test.

It’s my personal blog (

Yes, this will allow me better control. I am paranoid after last event and trying to get rid of every doubtful plugin (including SEO plugin like Rankmath / Yoast). I am okay as long site is usable for general reader. My future goal is not Google but receive traffic by building own community: Email / Forum (which I have right now) and other channel.

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Cool, thought so. We should get this figured out within next week, if stars are all aligned in sky :slight_smile:

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Thanks for such informative post.

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