Static WordPress Community

Free hosting for accessible sites

This is an upcoming project I’m working on, using (at least) the Handshake decentralized DNS.

Copying my goals from the HNS Telegram group:

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • free static site hosting/publishing for people with some conditions (can automatically test before publishing)

    • passes HTML validation
    • passes accessibility tests
    • some other tests around content size/avoiding shit/malicious content

Aim is to raise awareness/encourage accessibility and discourage web bloat, whilst promiting dWeb inclusivity.

I’d want 1 TLD and publish each user site on an SLD (or subdirectory). I have the tools already for people to publish the static sites and will build add-ons to help with automatic publishing.

Towards minimalism, I’m going to be retiring a bunch of my existing oldWeb TLDs and bring that content within my own, so ideally, my dWeb and oldWeb can mirror each other.

Please feel free to jump in with any ideas, ie maybe have users push sites to git repos, which then get added to approved list to build/test them.

I have tools to go from WordPress to static, but prefer Hugo myself, it shouldn’t matter how the user produces their static site, but this system will alert them when it fails tests for accessibility/valid code/other.