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Heard of Simply Static?

Just today I came to know about this:

Are we in any way associated with the above plugin or is that totally different?

It seems polished while it’s just first version.


Yep, it’s been around for years. @patrickposner recently took over development and is doing exciting things with it! Looking great!

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@nanowhiz as @leonstafford already mentioned it’s basically the advanced version of the free Simply Static plugin here: I took over the development in January, fixed a lot of bugs, and created the pro version to tackle things the free version can not do (search, forms, GitHub integration, and so on).

I’m not gonna lie, it’s v1 of the pro version and I assume there will be some bugs here and there, but I had a couple of beta testers who now all have their static website online.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here in the forum and I try to provide answers as soon as I can :wink:

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I think it’s going to be a great success! Patrick’s executing great!

And, as I discussed with Patrick, this further helps me to be able to position WP2Static where I want it to be:

Primarily, the developer-focused WordPress static site generation tool.

(can see more on my latest Roadmap)

Coming soon, I’ll be decoupling the UI from the core plugin (@frans may be doing this fun task!). This allows more rapid development, targeting WP-CLI and programmatic usage of WP2Static. The UI will still be available as an add-on.

The hope with this, is that it will encourage others to build much nicer UIs for driving WP2Static and its add-ons. As project lead and someone more comfortable in the CLI than UI, this also keeps me excited working on the plugin’s core functionality.

Speaking of which, improving the basic functions of URL detection, crawling, post processing and deploying are what I want to really improve. WordPressURLDetector library continues to be developed and will replace detection code currently in WP2Static soon.

@john-shaffer’s work in the Advanced Crawling Addon will be selectively brought back into core plugin. Best features of the Static HTML Output plugin will also be brought in (HTML parsing/modification and the suite of integration tests are the parts I’m wanting to bring in).

Thanks to my new role at Strattic and a salary again after so long, I’m able to employ the help of others to keep development progressing. May be some nice news I can share about that soon :smiley:

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Thank you @leonstafford for all the details and congratulations @patrickposner for the Pro launch of Simply Static. :blush:

By the way, I had purchased a WP2Static lifetime license for this same purpose ( ie. to create amazing static sites with no-code approach )

But as @leonstafford stated above, now he wants to make it more developer-friendly. Does it mean that now we won’t be able to use WP2static with a no-code approach? Should we purchase Simply Static for that purpose now?

If not, should there be any reason to buy Simply Static too?

And @patrickposner do you have discount code for WP2Static users ? :smile:

Also, do you have any affiliate program so that we can promote your lifetime offering?


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Oh! Heartly congratulation on the new role @leonstafford :blush::heartpulse:

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@nanowhiz, you shouldn’t get any disruption with WP2Static.

I don’t want to block a potential sale for Patrick, but you shouldn’t need to buy one if WP2Static is already working for you.

That said, each SSG has different architectures today, some work better on different environments or different site configs. So, if you’re doing a lot of static sites and don’t want to have to fiddle when a site doesn’t export well in one, you can try other SSGs or any of the WP2Static alternatives listed on site (bit out of date, few new ones since).