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Hi from Port Lincoln, Australia

I’m Leon Stafford, one of the moderators here.

I develop a few WordPress -> static site plugins and tools.

Currently recovering from an aching tooth, set to be extracted in a week and trying to get some new plugin releases ready as soon as stable.

I like slow computers and fast websites. Well, nobody likes slow computers, but I enjoy using old hardware. Most of my development work is done on a ThinkPad X230, which finally got an SSD and RAM upgrade. I run a very lightweight OpenBSD setup (-current, cwm, tmux, Vim). Well, the Vim is heavier than ed or vi, but I allow myself some indulgences.

My interest in static websites is along these same lines - low resource consumption, with benefits of better performance and lesser security concerns.

See y’all round the forums as I can hopefully answer some support questions!

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How’s the performance after these upgrade?

Very good! Just the sound of a spinning disk crunching away is enough to make everything feel slower. The SSD is higher rated than what the laptop can use, but that, along with RAM upgrade has common PHP code checking tools running a lot faster.

I have 2 other x86 laptops (my mum donated her old ones), which I should probably sell all 3 laptops and switch to a desktop with 3 disks for OpenBSD/Linux/Windows, along with an old MacBook Air, sans-battery which is throttled slow and could be an additional disk as a Hackintosh for testing. Maybe hold out until I can get a desktop with 4 x m.2 super quick drives, for now, I just plug/unplug laptops to monitor and kbd/trackball when needing to test/develop on another OS, which isn’t too terrible.

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