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How ready for PHP 8 are you?

How ready for PHP 8 are you?
  • I’m ready - all my sites work fine
  • bring it! I’ll fix any incompatible themes/plugins
  • please no! all my sites break on it
  • no idea - how do I upgrade/test?

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PHP 8 brings some great performance benefits and I’ve been working on an optimized environment for Lokl using PHP8. I’m also planning to fork WP2Static and friends soon, to get a head start on moving to a minimum PHP 8 requirement, without abandoning the current PHP 7.3 versions.

How many of you have tested your own/client sites against PHP8? If your host offering the option?

PHP 7.3 is no longer an officially supported version by the PHP developers since 6th December.

Unfortunately, the old PHP Compatibility testing plugin by WPEngine is abandonware and didn’t go beyond testing for PHP 7.2 compatibility, it seems. Is there another plugin which can help people test for PHP 8 compatibility? If not, sounds like nice opportunity for someone to fork that old plugin and create one for checking PHP 8 readiness!