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How to deploy to folder?

I was using an older version of the plugin which let me simply deploy the page to a defined folder on my server.
Is this not possible any more?
If it is, please tell me how!

Do you have anything in ../wp-content/uploads/wp2static-processed-site/?

Yes, but i want it in another folder :slight_smile:

I would set up a cron job or, depending on permissions and other concerns, symlink.

Thanks, but in the meantime, I´ve written a add-on plugin.
I just find it strange that for this basic function there was no solution yet.
E.g. a setting for changing the wp2static-processed-site folder, or at least a filter.

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Thanks @sen, feel free to share your plugin with the community.

The main reasons for removing that option (was in Static HTML Output but never WP2Static):

  • encouraged new users that they should host on the same server as their dev site, which I didn’t want to. If they go out of their way to do so, then they probably know what they’re doing
  • risk for overwriting files on server. I added safeguards in later versions, but it made things a bit complex for a function I wasn’t very excited about
  • processed site folder now preserved, keeping those files readily available
  • WP2Static allows extensibility, like you’ve done with your own add-on. (If you’re interested in selling your add-on, I’m considering re-listing plugins on with Freemius’s payment system, there’s at least one 3rd party add-on, the GitHub Addon for WP2Static, which I’ll help promote if they want to do the same).

If people start building out more add-ons, it will take pressure off me and I can focus more on the core plugin functionality of exporting and rewriting, whilst making the tools more useful for all.

hey @leonstafford ,

yes I was thinking about sharing the plugin, but I want to test it a bit more before doing that.
I think it would be a good idea to have the plugins on again btw.

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Thanks @sen. I’m still trying to avoid monetization, as I describe the challenging decision here:

Regardless, the plugins can go back on, I think that provides more use to users than offers me any troubles.

Hey @leonstafford ,

I don´t know if there is a large enough group that sees the benefits of static wordpress sites. I feel like too many people don´t realize how it could improve their websites.

However if you want to reach a larger crowd I think two things are essential:

  1. Put the plugins in front of a large group of people → wp plugin dir
  2. Make them more user-friendly and easy to use ´cause at the moment it seems only developers can use them at all (at least that was what my experience was like :wink: )

The average guy expects a video tutorial on how to use such a plugin.
If more people get how it works, they´ll also spread the word

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Couldn’t agree more!

Things are slowly but surely coming together, but that ease of use for plugins (ie, getting rid of common bugs first!) and at least thorough video demos are priorities. This new project I’m working on, Lokl is helping to speed things up and give me a better environment for testing and running demos from. First video for that went fairly smoothly this week, but I need to start producing for all projects and focus on making as easy to understand as possible.