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How to Speedup a static site

Well, I installed wp-rocket and other cache plugins, but wp2static did export the results.

So is there any way to speed up the site on mobile devices, it’s currently on around about 50.

Thank you.

Hi @hakli,

Please check this post I wrote out and let me know any further questions:

Will also need to know a bit about where you’re hosting your deployed static site.



I have read the guide, but I tried different stuff and could make it load. I am using WordPress as my CMS and Netlify as my hosting. The plugin I am using to convert WP into a static site is simply static. Cannot install any cache plugin because wp2static doesn’t convert that (I have tried it myself and used many cache plugins). Do you think there is any solution to speed up the site?


There is always a way.

Netlify is already pretty fast. Simply Static or WP2Static are just delivering your site’s content to Netlify.

So, it sounds like you need to make your site’s content smaller or load assets asynchronously/deferred, if that’s an option for your site.

If the content on your site is heavy, it doesn’t matter how you deliver it, there’s a theoretical limit to how much data you can send in a fixed time.

If you try for example, to set your site to use TwentyNineteen theme, with an empty homepage, disable all plugins and then re-run speed test, I assume it will be much faster?

If so, then you can try to find a balance between the content/theme on your site which loads slowly and then near-empty basic site.

At this point, it sounds like the static aspect of the sites is fine - but need to continue general on-page website performance optimization