Images in uploads not packaged


Thanks for all the hard work on wp2static. I am having issues with the plugin. The problem is that images in my site are not being crawled and packaged using the zip method. This is one of the images that is not being packaged.

<img image_height="238" image_id="2541" title="ptc_partner_network_special-color" src="" data-orig-src="" class="img-responsive wp-image-2541 lazyloaded" width="792">

The original website is here -
This is the site that is generated by your plugin -

I am not sure what could be the reason I even tried adding the relative path of the link to the include list but still no dice.

Any help would be apritidated. Ill be around to answer any questions.

Hi Edwin,

Could you please confirm which version of the plugin you’re using?

When I check the exported site, I’m seeing something like

image_id="2541" title="ptc_partner_network_special-color" src="data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20x

Are you using a plugin that inlines the images as an optimization technique? Whilst it should work OK, I suggest trying to disable all such plugins and verifying which one is causing the output to change like that. Then, there may be some tweaks we can do to have it export nicely.



Thanks for the quick response Leon,

I looked further into it and it seems like this is behavior I can’t modify. I think it’s the theme and website builder that was used to create the website. I use the Avada theme witch uses a builder called fusion builder. The plugin version I am using is 6.6.21 of Static HTML Output. The fun part is that if I look at the source I see what you noted but if I inspect the element I see the what looks to be a proper image tag like I posted. This makes me think that JavaScript is altering the tag after the page has rendered. Would it be possible to gather the link from the data-orig-src attribute in some cases. It looks like the URL to the image is there in the original source code of the site.

Warm Regards,
Edwin M.

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So, it may be simpler issue here, in that the file is just not included in the export:

So, if you manually copy that file from the dev site to the static site, will everything load as expected?

If so, we’ve got an issue with that particular source code style in the dev site and will need to fix the plugin.