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Is a paid KV plan necessary to use Clouflare workers?

In going through the Cloudflare Workers static site hosting tutorial, it states that I should sign up for a “KV Unlimited” plan. I’m assuming the tutorial is just a little bit behind what Cloudflare currently calls “Bundled” plan:

KV Plans

Am I understanding this correctly?

If so, I am wondering why the plan is necessary? It seems like the closest I might come to hitting any limit on the free plan is “1,000 write, delete, list operations per day,” but that doesn’t seem realistic given the site I am setting up is brand new and would only be adding one to five pages or posts per day for the foreseeable future.

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Hmm, good question. I haven’t kept up to date with CF Workers recent changes, but looks like you could squeeze in with that 1,000 writes. I’d need to check the code to see if I’m doing a big batch write to CF or 1 per file. Small sites should be able to get away with that.

Their new Pages product may be a better fit for that kind of site, but I’m yet to look into any API for it/if it should be its own deployment addon…

If you have a chance to look at your writes count, that would be great.

In reviewing the Pages description, it looks like it requires using GitHub. I would prefer to wait until it works with other products, preferably something I can host myself (like, idk, a git repository?). I’ve always found GitHub slow and clunky (in fact, this past week it has seemed like every time I go to GitHub, I’m just sitting there watching a blue inch across my screen).