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Issue with pagination links of post archives


I’m using Static HTML Output plugin to export zip file and upload on GitHub pages.
Every link is automatically detected except the paginated links of post archives.

I’m writing those links manually in the plugin settings - Include additional URLs and it works fine, but I’m wondering is their any option to include all pages (present and future) past the /category/page/ or do I need to write a link for every individual paged link (/category/page/2… etc.)?

P. S. I’m exporting zip file manually because the direct export to my GitHub page didn’t work… maybe it’s because I’m using a custom domain?

Thanks in advance,
Ivan M.

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Hi @Imoptimal,

Are these paginated post archives linked from anywhere else in your site?

Static HTML Output should continuously crawl and discover URLs linked from the initally “seeded” URLs.

WP2Static may include these paginated URLs in its initial seed URLs, where Static HTML Output doesn’t and may be worth a try: - but it’s a quite different workflow.

Are there any mentions of the missing URLs in the Crawl Log within Static HTML Output? If not, you may try adding a link to one of the entrypoint pages on your homepage - ie, a display:none; CSS rule, to avoid the links showing to users, but allowing Static HTML Output to crawl them.

We’ll work on a solution to properly detect these URLs though…