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Latest plugin download

Hi @leonstafford

I would like to download the latest plugin.
Please provide me the download link.
Tried the email, but it bounced.
Also, can you just provide an easy download/update for the plugin?

Hi @mulyadi, I think you’re still on the latest:

There are more changes in GitHub not released yet, but that also means not well tested, so best to stick with the published releases unless encountering an issue.

Yeah, I’m still considering options for updates, either my own update server, reimplementing Freemius or back on (or combination of those).

Thanks for a quick reply.
My site got shot, so I need to reinstall the plugin.
Thankfully the database is intact.

Can you share me the latest for Static HTML Output?

Oh no! Glad to hear it’s recoverable!

Here’s SHOP: Static HTML Output: WordPress Static Site Generator Plugin | Thanks for donating!

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Hi Leon, for my wp plugin updates I am using plugin update checker. Works great for my plugins. Just see if it fits your needs… GitHub - YahnisElsts/plugin-update-checker: A custom update checker for WordPress plugins. Useful if you don't want to host your project in the official WP repository, but would still like it to support automatic updates. Despite the name, it also works with themes.

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Many thanks, @herbie4, this looks like a well developed solution! I’m following the project and will continue thinking about how I’m aiming to deploy.

My latest leanings are:

  • back to, under wp2static slug
  • decouple UI from core - main plugin will be CLI focused, I’ll provide similar to current UI, decoupled, but allow/promote others to create their own fancy UIs (I don’t like to use WP via the UI as it’s too slow for my liking, so bringing back developer pleasure for me, if I can stick to CLI!)

And then, work on Lokl, providing easy CLI UX around generating and deploying sites to Cloudflare, Netlify, other, etc, via interactive CLI wizards, working with native SDKs/CLI tools from vendors (vs having to reinvent those wheels in PHP).

Just sharing thoughts out loud, at this point. I’m currently wanting to make sure I make some good early progress in my new job at Strattic before dividing up my time between that and my FOSS (also, down with food poisoning most of the last week, so not doing much of anything!)

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