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List your static WordPress website for glory/feedback

Got some WordPress sites now being served statically? Happy with your 100% rating on pagespeed tools? Think you’ve done good, but want feedback on how to get even faster?

As long as it’s not blatant spam of questionable content, feel free to link your site here and tell us a bit about your WordPress to static site journey!

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Happy with received performance, have some plan in mind to further improve such as

  • Going www for consistency in regional routing
  • Removing block editor css
  • Removing wpml and other possible plugins

Then I hope to see FCP below 1s at PSI. :smiley:

Moving from dynamic to static brought impressive performance gain - globally.

Perf Credit: Static HTML Output plugin, BunnyCDN, GeneratePress theme, Autoptimize and available resources, feedback.


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Great work!

My feedback:

  • 2 requests for an empty favicon, can remove these requests completely by serving empty data: element, like <link rel="icon" href="data:;base64,iVBORw0KGgo=">
  • disabling right-click? eww, please don’t, for sake of keeping basic website functionality :wink:
  • the main graphic image is blurry. If you split into just your photo as the image on left and then use HTML/CSS for the right hand side, will have clearer text and will need less compression on your photo, making it look clearer, too
  • ultra-pedantic: there’s extra whitespace between the “Legal” and other links in footer: Legal</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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Here’s the another site which we recently switched to Static.

  • Page size: 572KB
  • Theme: Voice
  • Hosting: Netlify Free Plan
  • Plugin: Static HTML Output
  • Result: Passes core web vital


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I working on my personal website which now has a 98 score on mobile and 99 on desktop.

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Great, definitely loading fast from here in South Australia! Consistently DOM ready in ~ 300ms from Cloudflare Singapore.