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Meet 'Forget Spam Comment' plugin

My dear friends,

Comments are integral part of a healthy blog to understand audience requirements. However, it takes a lot of time in deleting each spam comment or dealing with false-positive.

In the age of Google Web Vital and GDPR, we need a solution that doesn’t hurt performance and privacy.

Just I have released Forget Spam Comment for the default commenting system of WordPres. :partying_face:

It’s 3x lightweight (~217 bytes), GDPR compliant, secure than popular alternative Akimset which is paid for commercial sites but my plugin is free for everyone.

Would you mind giving a try?

  • Install, Activate, and must clear the ‘Page cache’. (Caching plugin / Varnish / CDN / FastCGI)

Make a test comment and see if it works for your theme. I have done my well research to ensure it works with all popular themes. If you need any help, surely feel free to ask.

It was fun and interesting developing a plugin for the first time. If you are interested in learning how it works, consider watching attached YouTube video.

I would greatly appreciate if you could share this info with your friends who might be interested as well. :blush:

Thanks & Regards,