Missing images/troubles exporting

from user:

Earlier today I purchased the lifetime purchase WP2Static + add-ons so I could deploy to Cloudflare. It’s very different from the free version of the plugin I downloaded to try the process. I couldn’t find any easy to follow instructions for the the new interface. So it took a while to figure out how to deploy with the new UI. I finally figured out how to use jobs to deploy and in the end result there were a number of images missing. I could not find an equivalent feature allowing the addition of URLs to fix the missing images, like described here: https://wp2static.com/docs/troubleshooting/check-site/ So after a lot of searching and reading I decided to just try editing the website in areas where the missing images were. Doing things like changing background images to regular image placements in the same area. That did not work. So I deleted the caches and logs, ect., trying to get WP2Static to rescan and pick up the images, and that resulted in more images disappearing. I repeated that again a couple of time in various ways, and now all the images are gone and I cannot seem to get them back. Is there a way to force a complete fresh scan that will pick up everything, including the images again… and is there some relatively easy way to fix the missing images using the new UI or with some other method that will ideally not require repeating a lengthy process every time the site is updated and redeployed? Thank you.

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing and sorry it hasn’t been a smooth process. Please let me know if you’d like a refund, happy to issue.

As you’ve seen the big change from your previous version to the latest installer, please allow me to point to an answer I’ve just given about the changes: Remove unneeded files

I’d recommend trying the same 6.6.x release I’ve shared there, as it should pick up all your images properly.

That won’t give a 1-click deploy process to Cloudflare today, though, so I’d recommend using the ZIP deploy method, then using Cloudflare’s Wrangler CLI tool to deploy to a Workers Site.

As I get this next release out and can focus more on WP2Static, it may then be ideal to switch to that for the Cloudflare auto-deployments.

The section " Quickstart: Generate static site and deploy to CloudFlare Workers via Wrangler" on https://wp2static.com/developers/wp-cli/ should give an idea on how to move the plugin’s files to a directory for exporting with Wrangler. I know it can’t be followed exactly, but I’ve seen from your efforts so far, that you should be OK with that, if you get stuck, please let me know here and will work through it.

Sorry again for the current clunkiness!