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Moving to GitHub's Discussions?


I like that this is our own space and can chuck any other mildly related things in, but it’s not yet any massive resource and is costing $20/month which is currently like 10% of my donations.

example of GH discussions:

I mean, it’s what Issues often gets abused for. I’m not in love with GH/Microsoft for many reasons, idealistic and personally, but one less login/platform/cost makes sense to me.

If anyone feels strongly, please don’t hold back either way.

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With fewer than one posts per day, I’d say do it.

The only downside might be that your more typical WordPress user may not be familiar with GitHub, so slightly less accessible. Granted, if you put the plugins up at, then these users would likely never make it to the GitHub.

Also, you might consider putting at the top of the main page the link to the Discussions (yes, I know they are technically on the same page) because many GitHub users may not notice you have the feature enabled.

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