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Need help in changing comment link hostname


Disclaimer: This is bit off-topic. I am in process of discovering email reply solution for static site.

My WordPress Dashboard is located [Pass protected]
But frontend is at

When I reply to comment from Dashboard path, it would email a follow-up comment link to the visitor

To send user correct destination instead 401, is it possible to send comment link with frontend hostname?

Inside plugin, I see related code like this

		$permalink =  get_comment_link($parent_id);

		$mail_message = str_replace('[commentlink]', $permalink, $mail_message);

Please share some ideas.


Update: No worries. I tried another plugin and it worked perfectly with the help of its author.

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Thanks for updating with solution and thanks for donating to that developer, as you’ve done for me before! Those really help keep the open source stuff happening. Not that it should be a requirement, but definitely helps reward people!

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