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New Advanced Crawling Add-on

I’ve been testing some experimental changes in this new add-on. The add-on requires the latest version of WP2Static 7 from git. It comes with five settings:

  • Add URLs Detected While Crawling – This can pick up some pages, images, CSS, JS files, etc. that might not get detected normally.
  • Crawl Chunk Size – The add-on crawls in chunks, which changes the performance. You can tweak this setting if speed is an issue.
  • Crawl Only Changed URLs – Don’t use this. It’s a work-in-progress to avoid the need to crawl the entire site. Currently it will detect when a post has changed, but it won’t realize that the pagination pages have changed.
  • Crawl Sitemaps
  • Detect Redirects from the Redirection plugin – We can’t support regexes, but this will pick up any normal redirects. Not all of the deployment add-ons support redirects yet, but the S3 add-on definitely does.

Zip file | Release page | GitHub repo


Very exciting! Looking forward to try it out!

Updated with “Crawl sitemaps” option.

There’s some bug in the static analysis that is giving failures improperly.