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Partial upload files to BunnyCDN


I have a problem when using the BunnyCDN as the destination where not all the files will be uploaded. only a few will be uploaded.

Hi @hatrena,

@gulshan is our resident BunnyCDN expert and may be able to help you debug/troubleshoot this.

I’d be looking at all your available logs and also try manually deploying to Bunny via their storage zone’s FTP connection option or through their web UI if that supports a full directory to be uploaded, thereby isolating the plugin’s deploy process as the cause of your error.


The thing is that WP2Static uploads all files completely if we use S3. but it does not if we select BunnyCDN. I also tried the FTP method in the plugin, it also uploads files partially (but uploads more files than the BunnyCDN method). the only complete upload method is S3.

I could not find anything in the logs. I also tested BunnyCDN files transferring via FTP (FileZilla) separately, everything is working fine.

OK, suggest giving this alternate plugin a try:

There’s not FTP within that build, but has been reported working well with Bunny.

If issues still persist, then it could be one of these or other causes:

  • your IP/account has been rate limited by Bunny
  • your net connection is unstable
  • your network/application security is kicking in and stopping it due to rate limit

Only the first one there feels like it has potential here, based on what info you’ve shared.

In that version I shared, the logs may give an idea of where in the deploy queue it is failing. If the last or 2nd to last file has a funky looking filename, such as special/foreign chars, spaces, etc, that may give us a hint in case we’re not properly encoding when sending to Bunny’s API, but @gulshan’s tested with Hindi and I’m fairly sure I tested with Japanese and Cyrillic, so unlikely for that, either…

It’s a process of elimination, so could try other things like different dev server (if local, try remote or vice versa), switching to default WP theme and only a handful of posts. Use Faker plugin to add 1,000 posts to default theme on empty site and see where it fails. On that point, try checking PHP’s max_execution_time config setting. It may be that your connection to AWS’s S3 when deploying is better than to Bunny, so you hit the timeout of PHP’s long-running process.

Not sure if released yet, but Bunny did have some new datacenter endpoints in beta to deploy to using API, just like S3’s regions. I found that connections to Bunny on the old singular API endpoint were pretty bad while I was in Asia, IIRC…

Hope some of that helps/gives ideas to try

  1. Export it as .zip
  2. Uncompress at local disk
  3. Connect Bunny storage via FTP application
  4. Upload via FTP

Does it work this way?

Ok, I will try your suggestions. but before continue, I need to find WP2Static plugin installation zip file (in case of going back). I could not find the download link for the latest stable version.

Can you please send me the download link?


Sites are undergoing some updates at the moment, these should be the latest:

I am looking for the previous versions as well. I think it was WP2Static 6.6.7. I also found , is it up to date or subject to change? I can’t find the plugin through WP plugin search module.

I need to get the current versions properly available for download and documented before I can try and dig out old versions. It is possible to look through the git history of the project and build a version from a point in time that the version number was set to 6.6.7

Hi again,

is BunnyCDN coming to the default adds on here ?

I could not find build any version of 6.x.x of WP2static. can you do me a favor and send an installer for wp2static for the latest version 6 please?