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Plugin not working

the plugin does not seem to be working.
here’s what my logs look like:

2021-05-26 18:13:24: 404 for URL /wp-content/uploads/bb-theme/editor-60a7db26c3f6e.css
2021-05-26 18:12:38: 404 for URL /templates/page/2/
2021-05-26 18:12:37: 404 for URL /templates/page/1/
2021-05-26 18:12:36: 404 for URL /http:/
2021-05-26 18:12:35: 404 for URL /http:/
2021-05-26 18:12:17: 404 for URL /author/pwsbuilder/
2021-05-26 18:12:14: Using CrawlCache.
2021-05-26 18:12:14: Starting to crawl detected URLs.
2021-05-26 18:12:14: Starting crawling
2021-05-26 18:12:14: URL detection completed (3895 URLs detected)
2021-05-26 18:12:14: Detection complete. 3895 URLs added to Crawl Queue.
2021-05-26 18:12:02: Starting to detect WordPress site URLs.
2021-05-26 18:12:02: Starting URL detection
2021-05-26 18:12:02: Running WP2Static in Headless mode
2021-05-26 18:12:02: Running full workflow from UI

can anyone tell me whats going wrong?

Hi @escohen115,

This may be a known issue related to sitemaps.

Could you please let me know what the contents of your robots.txt file are?

If there is a reference to your sitemap in the robots.txt, please try removing that and running again. That may be required until a fix is made.

Hi leon, thanks for getting back.

robots.txt file looks like this:

User-Agent: *

Hi @escohen115,

Followed up via email, but for others facing similar issue.

Please test a copy of your site in, which is an optimized environment for static site generation. If generation completes successfully there, then it is likely an environmental issue with your current development site hosting, which we can look into further or simply try a different host.

If it persists in Lokl, then we can consider it site-specific and do some troubleshooting to resolve it.