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qTranslate-XT not working with any static site gen

I have a website that I want to backup, but it doesn’t seem to really work with static site generators. With Simply Static, it gives me HTTP 500 errors whenever I want to crawl a page translated with qTranslate-XT. However, it seems that with the wp2static plugin something similar happens, as a pop-up appears saying: “error 504, please refer to logs”. I don’t know what to do, it’s driving me crazy for days… Now I’m trying out, but no results so far… Thank you in advanced.

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Hi @zallaevan,

Please try with my new local WP environment and let me know if problem persists there: Let me know if any trouble getting started with that.

Have you isolated the cause to the translation plugin? ie, if you diactivate that plugin, does it proceed? If not it may be rather/also an environmental issue with your hosting.

Along with, you can try HTTrack or anything on

No news so far… I don’t have much time now to debug, so maybe I’ll do it next week. I’ll try to keep you informed. Thanks.

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