Question regarding assets

Hi @leonstafford, I have a question regarding assets on Static HTML Output.

If images or other files are being loaded with JS only on user action - are they being copied over as well? Or are you generally copying everything inside upload folder and theme folder?



Good question @rkleinert.

This is one area that WP2Static and Static HTML Output plugins differ in their behaviour.

WP2Static tends to grab every possible asset from your WP site that it can detect. This usually covers those cases where something is loaded from the result of some JS (that’s not requiring a PHP/database call, which the static site doesn’t have access to).

Static HTML Output, on the other hand, only detects from WP simple URLs like posts/pages and then relies on discovery mechanism during crawling to grab the rest. This has benefits of not making mistakes trying to be too smart while interrogating WordPress.

I envision (and it may already be happening with @john-shaffer’s work on Advanced Crawler Add-on recent), that WP2Static will get the best of both worlds soon, utilising both mechanisms. Things like caching mechanisms also need to mingle with that code, so the changes aren’t super simple to implement.

If it gets to a point that one plugin can contain all the benefits of each of the three that are now maintained (other one being SimplerStatic), without alienating users or preventing them from reproducing desired existing behaviour via some add-ons/custom code, then I could see them merging back again, like Voltron!

Of note, WP2Static has better CLI integration, which in place of any of the plugins having any good accessibility work done, may appeal to you. Alternatively, Static HTML Output has a lower learning curve and still supports WP-CLI commands.

All docs are currently in embarrassingly poor condition!

Once deployed, run screaming frog crawling. If you see anything, miss, try importing it manually.
Also, if you could report an issue with live example it would be helpful to cover it as a fix in the future.

I don’t think Screaming Frog would identify that kind of error (ie, a JS script requests an image file). Screaming Frog’s crawler not likely to be JavaScript-capable from my memory of it

I correct myself: