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Secure Forms for Static Sites

Hi All, and thank you Leon.

If you ever need a secure form builder suited to static sites please checkout the universal builder at . It lets you do no-code builds of pretty much any form type in the market. “Typeform” style conversational forms, or “multi-step” application forms, or “single step” forms in a drag and drop editor, with advanced conditional logic, answer piping etc. You can then download the static version of the form for hosting in your static site with all that functionality still working (because thats all just javascript), or alternatively you can use the cloud hosted version of the form and embedded via Iframe if you need more power (like save and resume, quantity limits, or login protected forms).

It’s a commercial project I’ve been working on with others for years, but it’s free to build forms in the GUI and download their code, and is also free for low volumes of full-featured cloud hosted form instances.