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Sitemap & feed exporting issues

I’m having trouble exporting sitemaps & feeds correctly:

For sitemaps I’m using Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
If I disable the .xsl file I can view the sitemap on the exported site (without the styling).

If I include the default .xsl file and add /wp-content/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.xsl in the Crawling > Include additional URLs section the file isn’t in the ouput zip file.
Is there a setting I’m missing?

For feeds the /feed pages look good on the WordPress site with the right XML structure and <![CDATA[...]]> tags.
The exported site seems to strip out XML tags and looks more like HTML however.

Any help much appreciated.

@leonstafford any ideas? I’m especially confused why the include additional URLs isn’t working for this file.

Sorry for delay, @mrdaniel. Some old issues re URL inclusions in Static HTML Output:

Still dragging my feet to fix remaining issues, sorry!