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Some guidance for one time usage

First, a confession: I’m not a developer (sorry about that).
I started this day trying to make WP2static work. After an hour or two (installing php and composer) I gave up and noticed this other plugin was still being updated (Static HTML Output).
Installed this one instead and found out I need to upgrade to php 7.3. No biggie, I’m in the process of doing that, but while I’m at it I noticed I have to add a different URL for the Destination URL. That makes me think that maybe I’m forcing all these plugins to do something they are not meant to do.
This is what I want:
I have a bunch of WordPress sites, that are never updated (content wise). They don’t need to run on WordPress, so I’m trying to convert them to static and upload them to the same server, where the WordPress site currently runs. It’s basically a switch of a WP site to static site. All I have to do is delete the files and DB onces the static files are there. So, the destination URL is the same.
What should I do in this case?

BTW I’ve used HTTrack before, got the job done, but I ended up with a lot of garbage. I was hoping this method would be cleaner and easier.

Hi @webbasica,

Never apologize for not being a developer - we need more sane people in the world :smiley:

Thanks for your perseverance - things will get a bit easier soon.

I suggest your quickest workaround for now, is to export to and then do a bulk string replacement again using whatever tool / text editor to set it back to your original domain.

Same domain to same domain isn’t the recommended flow for majority of users, so I don’t make it easy to do that within the plugins themselves (maybe works OK in WP2Static, haven’t tried recently).

Anyway, that should get you over the hump for Static HTML Output.

Another little tool I haven’t updated for a while is - you could try that if above workaround doesn’t solve it for you.

Please let me know if still stuck on any bits.