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Static HTML - only index.html in

I’ve managed 5x sites with Lokl and Static HTML for the past year. I generate a zip and then deploy to Netlify via GitHub.

I just created a 6th site. More or less identical to my others (same theme, same plugins, etc).

But when I use Static HTML with this new site the only file in the resultant .zip is index.html

My folders typically look like this:

Only functional difference I can spot between the two is wordpress v5.6.4 (old, working site) vs. wordpress v 5.7.2 (new, not working site) and php v 7.3.18 (old, working site) vs php 7.4.19 (new, not working site)

I didn’t touch any advanced settings. Just specified my destination URL. Any ideas why my resultant .zip is missing stuff?