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Static HTML - only index.html in

I’ve managed 5x sites with Lokl and Static HTML for the past year. I generate a zip and then deploy to Netlify via GitHub.

I just created a 6th site. More or less identical to my others (same theme, same plugins, etc).

But when I use Static HTML with this new site the only file in the resultant .zip is index.html

My folders typically look like this:

Only functional difference I can spot between the two is wordpress v5.6.4 (old, working site) vs. wordpress v 5.7.2 (new, not working site) and php v 7.3.18 (old, working site) vs php 7.4.19 (new, not working site)

I didn’t touch any advanced settings. Just specified my destination URL. Any ideas why my resultant .zip is missing stuff?

Sorry for the massive delay on this reply, too!

Did you get any further on this one?

The more recent versions of WP and PHP should improve things, but as you say, if that’s all that’s changed, it’s a likely candidate. If still facing the issue, please include here all the logs from within WP2Static (in the sidebar menu in WordPress, under WP2Static). That may shed some light.

Else, I may need you to privately send me a backup of a site, so I can try to reproduce the issue with Lokl myself.