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Static HTML Output / BAD RESPONSE STATUS (404)

Hello, running Static HTML Output Version 6.6.21 on WordPress version 5.5.1.

I get an error when I do try to export my WordPress site into static-pages (Start site static export), where crawling stops at the 7th URL/Line.

" Failed during “Crawling initial file list”, please check your Export Log from Logs tab or ask on the support forum."

Export Logs:
2020-09-27 11:22:44 BAD RESPONSE STATUS (404): /ads-txt/
2020-09-27 11:22:44 BAD RESPONSE STATUS (404): /ads.txt
2020-09-27 11:22:45 BAD RESPONSE STATUS (404): /app-ads-txt/

Page is hosted on the same VPS I built with CentOS Web Panel od WordPress site-2.
Static HTML Output, on WordPress site-2 is almost identical WordPress page, and I am able to utilize Static HTML Output plugin to export static pages without an error.

I did try to start over with MAMP Pro (exporting data from WordPress to a new locally hosted site) same error.

How do I go about resolving this issue?

And @leonstafford, I would like to thank you for this plugin. This plugin is like a great gift that I am well dependent on in my initial transitioning, hopefully, to utilize static website generation tools; and a great tool to export a WordPress page into a more simple setup on a server. Thank you Leon for making this happen.


Hi @aritus007 - thanks for the kind words - I’m happy if this can help you!

So, those 404 lines are probably safe to ignore as warnings, it’s looking for some common files, well, the ads.txt, at least, I’m a bit unsure where the other 2 have been detected from (do you have some force trailing slash plugin or such?).

Hm, reading that one site was OK for you, but not the 2nd… Could you try disabling all plugins on the problem site and see if it exports OK? Likewise, try switching to default WP theme. If that is successful, then can try re-enabling one by one until pinpoint it.

Also, do you see any errors in your PHP/webserver error log when exporting?

I think we’ll be able to track this down with a little back and forth.

@leonstafford I thank you for your quick reply.

I will work on disabling WordPress plugins; switching WordPress theme; also, good you did mention that, to look into PHP/webserver error logs.

I will update you with the results.

Thank you @leonstafford

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