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Static HTML plugin - export zip file goes to page not found

I have added Static HTML plugin to my WP site, and testing an export, when I click on “Download” for the downloading the file, the page goes to “page not found” and I can’t download the file.
Can you advise what is the issue? (Please see attached screenshot)


Are you using browser or external download manager?

Hi Gulshan >> I am using Browser, I have tried using Firefox and Chrome, both with same result of “Page not found”

Is there another way to download the export?

Hello, can anyone suggest how to overcome this issue please?

Hi @rukshan,

Can you please include the 2 log files the plugin generates (Logs tab).

And provide any other information about your site’s environment (operating system or where it’s hosted.

That may help identify an issue. It may be that the zip hasn’t properly been generated, making it unable to download.