Strange text styling issue, only on deployed site when viewed with Safari


WP2Static is working great on my site (thanks for a fantastic plugin!).

Except for one strange thing. When I view my deployed site using Safari (Mac), all the headings and paragraph text is heavier (bolder) than when I browse the undeployed site. The deployed site is fine when I view the it using Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera.

The text is also fine if I use Safari to view the local undeployed Worpress/Elementor site. But after the site is deployed to Netlify, the text is bolder than the local site. Same browser version, same Mac, same everything - the only difference between the text looking ok (correct weight) and not looking ok (bolder) is after it’s deployed.

I’ve verified the issue on two different Macs/Safari installs. Tried deleting the WP2Static cache and redeploying, also tried clearing the browser cache - always the same.

I’m totally out of ideas! Can anyone think of something I can investigate?