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Supporting multiple configurations / option sets

This is around the existing roadmap item for supporting multiple configurations / option sets. Requirements are around to be able to deploy to multiple s3 Buckets using same instance and remove dependency from engineering for the same.

  1. Select what to deploy
  2. Deploy assets before pages i.e, deploy wp-content first
  3. Provision to enter at least 2 deployment URLs (staging and production)
  4. Provision to enter at least 2 S3 bucket configurations
  5. Deploy the same generated static site to 2 different destinations

Here is the ideal flow -
Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 1.27.51 PM

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Hi @imnaveenk,

Thanks for posting this, sorry Iā€™m still slow to follow up on our discussion.

A few questions to clarify this intended workflow:

  • for both staging and production, are you intending to deploy an identical version of the dev site, just with the different post-processing being applied?
  • if so, what is the purpose of staging, if it will be deployed to production at the same time as staging (no time to QA the staging site before approving production release)

Do you have some other continuous integration/dev ops setups already in place in your organization, for other applications? If so, and depending on your answer to my first point above, it may be preferable to have WP2Static do as little as possible and just send the deployment files to your CI server for triggering the deployments.

Sure we can come up with some suggestions either way.



Thanks for your revert @leonstafford

We are looking to deploy the developed pages in a staging environment first, test out our changes there and post that run a deployment to the production environment as a separate step. We do intend to deploy the same version on both the environments provided our testing process on the staging environment completes successfully. We have separated out the post-process job for each environment to ensure that the deployment URL is correctly re-written.

Apart from this, we primarily require a couple of additions as listed previously. Assets being deployed before the generated static pages and being able to select what to deploy. Could you share your insights on the possibility of adding these features as well?