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The plugin returns 500

I have a pretty anoying problem.
I’m trying to generate a static version of my website.
Sadly the plugins return error 500
I check the logs and it boils down to an Invalid URL error.
the files concerned is this one: /var/www/admin/wp-content/plugins/wp2static/src/DetectSitemapsURLs.php. I tried to look into it but i’m not sure why i have this problem
the url of my website is of type salut.polo.coco
am i missing something?

Hi @Multi,

Could you please tell me a bit more about your environment?

If you try to setup your site in Lokl, it should export fine, else, we can narrow down the issue to somewhere in your site. Please give a try, if possible:

i did some research and i found out what was the problem?
In this file, this line:
$parser->parse( $sitemap );
should always throw an error since sitemap is never a full URL.

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Wow, @Multi! Thanks for tracking that down!

I’ve pushed a potentially fixed zip for you here:

I’m not able to do some quick manual tests on it, so please let me know if that’s still not working for you and will dig deeper!



[deleted, will make a new post]

Hi @mrdaniel,
Could you kindly redo a proper post on the forum. I’m getting notifications on this one and i don’t want to deactivate them.
Also, i noticed that the soft is trying to hit the " /http:/" address which return 404.
there is an extra / at the beginning of the address.

Hi @Multi, sorry for that, will make a new post.