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Transfer to S3 fails when creating a new category

When creating a new category, transfer to S3 fails

The default “Uncategorized” category does not have this issue.
However, setting my own category causes this issue.

Is there any workaround?

Hi @hiro_tk,

I still have an open issue for S3 + special characters:

Is this a Japanese category slug? A few workarounds:

  • use AWS’s CLI tool to do the sync to S3 bucket (this doesn’t face the same issue)
  • use a romaji slug for the category (can keep the kana title)

Please let me know if you need help using the S3 sync via CLI



Thank you for your advice.

Please tell me one of the following,

  1. If I crawl only and don’t transfer S3, is there anything I need to do with WP2Static?
    Or even if the transfer fails, is there a file for transfer in some directory?

I used WP2Static by setting the “AWS” category I created.
Then, the transfer to S3 was successful, so I knew it was a problem of special characters + S3 transfer.

Thank you

Hi @hiro_tk,

With the current version on, it will save the static files to a directory within wp-content/uploads/ with a timestamp appended to the directory.

With the latest versions from GitHub, it will always write to the same fixed directory name within wp-content/uploads/, which is easier to work with.



Thanks leonstafford.
Your support is always accurate and helpful.
All my questions have been resolved.

Sincerely thank you.

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