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What about this error and Statically

I hope everyone is doing good. Today when I was trying to export the static zip file, Wp2static threw out an error 500, increasing the max execution time. I have increased the max execution time.

The second question is whether we use on a static site.
If I export the static site, is it still going to work? I just want to make sure if anyone is using on their static WordPress site deployed on netlify.

(Why I want to use because, according to page speed insights, I have properly resized the images)

What is zone id in statically plugin?


Hi @hakli,

Is it definitely a max_execution_time related error or just what the plugin suggests checking? Can confirm with your PHP error logs the exact error.

Statically should be fine, @frans, the founder, is in this forum if you encounter any errors.

Best way to know - do a test static publish, ie to an alternate Netlify site (free).