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What do you guys think about is an open-source static site converter, what do you think?

I think it needs more development, but I love the idea :smiley:

Yep, and that already works!

In my view, if I add cron, it’s already become a solid tool.

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Great to hear!

I expected to get more early users than, but seems other way!

Many improvements in mind.

Can roll your own CRON now by downloading the script, but needs CLI arguments to be useful in scripts.

Another menu option should be to setup cron jobs interatively

Looking fwd! is good for further local development. In my view, is a really simple tool.

Must keep simple, this is really good for newcomers. And CRON have to be in a different environment, not made for complexity here. But of course we see what happens.

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Agree 100% keep it as simple as possible, continuing to make it easier.

Let me know if you think of other “appish apps” to add in, vs just static site generator.

Things that people may use a SaaS for, when all the tools are already in their local machine.