When wp2static is used, What will happen to the plugins which uses databse?

I am trying to convert my WP site using wp2static, but at the same time, as far as I understand WP is developed using PHP and a database to store data.
my WP site uses some plugins which requires database since it update the content dynamically, so if we use wp2static, what will happen to those plugins?
Thank you for any help


They will simply stop working. Static websites don’t have dynamic functionalities which require databases, not even the basic features like the comment section, the search bar or the contact form.

An alternative would either be to embed a third-party search bar/contact form/comment section/whatever you need and hook their API so that the third-party takes care of the said dynamic functionality, or, to code those yourself (or hire someone to do it).
For the contact form, you would still need a third-party server to send the emails.

Hope this helps :v:

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