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WP2Static 7.1.7 released!

This contains a lot of bugfixes and improvements from the last 9 months.

Download WP2Static 7.1.7

MD5 checksum: 9935068259fe4d88487efb52fe5e9f6a


  • logging and fixes for Sitemap detection @palmiak, @john-shaffer
  • fix #793 properly dequeue + deregister scripts @mrwweb
  • fix diagnostics uploadsWritable description @yilinjuang
  • fix #730 detect network-wide enabled plugins @stefanullinger
  • INSERT IGNORE to silence add-on duplicate insert warnings
  • add filters to deployment webhook:
  • wp2static_deploy_webhook_user_agent
  • wp2static_deploy_webhook_body
  • wp2static_deploy_webhook_headers
  • improved unit test coverage for Detection classes
  • add trailing slash to detected category pagination URLs @john-shaffer
  • rm autoload-dev from composer.json @szepeviktor
  • extend PHPStan coverage to view/template files
  • allow toggling an add-on via WP-CLI
  • new wp2static_detect hook fires at URL detection start @john-shaffer
  • diagnostics checks for trailing slash in permalinks @john-shaffer, @jonmhutch7
  • use sfely namespaced Guzzle to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • default to showing DeployCache paths across all namespaces #745
  • allow setting deploy webhook headers/body/user-agent via filter
  • fix PostsPaginationURL detection #758 @petewilcock, @john-shaffer
  • use custom request options for sitemap crawling
  • move from cURL to Guzzle for requests
  • fix incompatibilities with PHP8
  • import SitemapParser as internal class
  • fix MySQL issue preventing Add-on activations @john-shaffer, @TheLQ